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                      African Grey/Amazon Chile Cage

                      £189.99 + FREE toys worth £20

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                      African grey/Amazon playgym


                      African grey table top stand


                      If you would like to leave a testimonial 
                      about Parrotcare please e-mail it to:
                      Hi John,
                      Short line to let you know how Ruby our baby African grey is doing, weve had her 3 weeks now as she has even 
                      started to talk now. She is so loving and a credit to you all, also a note on John who brought her to us. He helped us put 
                      the cage up and showed us where she should be in the house and went through the diet with us. We were slightly wary of
                      doing this but it worked better for us and we were shown everything and would recommend it to anyone.
                      Will send some pics for you soon,
                      Mr and Mrs Mick Graham.
                      To all at parrotcare,
                      Very pleased with our baby Blue and gold macaw, he is great and a fantastic 
                      companion for my father. Never seen a parrot so tame and we have had 3 parrots
                      before from back garden breeders and there after sales information was poor as 
                      was there diets, the diet you feed your birds on is great.
                      Again thank you and all the best.
                      Kath Simmonds  Plymouth.
                      Hello John and family,
                      Just a quick line as promised to say how pleased 
                      we are with our baby grey we got from you on Monday, he
                      has settled in great and we love him already. He is such a character and
                      very gentle with the children like you said.
                      Will send some pics of him to you,
                      All the best, Mary Stiles.
                      Great special offer cage, quality superb and the 
                      free toys are ideal for Jock.
                      Will use again,
                      Sydney from Plymouth.
                      Hi John and Family,
                      Must say how pleased we are with our baby African grey, 
                      he is delight and is affraid on nothing. Settled in with the dogs 
                      and cats no problem at all. Where a bit concerned about having him delivered
                      but i cant believe how he has settled in, we must also say how good the delivery 
                      service is, the information and guidance was excellent.
                      Will keep in touch and purchase a diet pack to continue with this when we need it.
                      Mr & Mrs Swan 
                      Hi John,
                      To all at parrotcare, Must thank you for your help 
                      when you delivered our new addition to the family, 
                      we have decided to call him Geordie becouse he comes
                       from the north east. Your advice when you delivered him 
                      and the way you ensure that the welfare of the bird comes 
                      first is admirable, we have met many people who put their 
                      own comfort and needs ahead of anything! Thank Jeanette 
                      for help on the phone. We have passed your Dads book onto 
                      a friend as they are now thinking of getting an 
                      African Grey from you.  Jayne and Jim -  Aldershot
                      Rashid & Abdul, we happy with our baby, thank u john 
                      for service it was good.
                      Hi John, Just a line regarding "pepe" you were right
                       to make us wait until he was fully weaned before we 
                      got him to our house, we can think of a few people 
                      who would not have cared and let us take him. His well 
                      fair was your main priority. He is eating like a horse 
                      and has settled in with all the family. Once again we 
                      are very greatful. 
                      Sydney and Jean Northamptonshire

                      A great service UNBELIEVABLE fast delivery, cage arrived in perfect condition and easy to assemble. Jane liverpool -

                      John & Jeanette, Thanks for your advice and subsequent speedy delivery. Good to talk to someone who knows about parrots and their needs!! James - London -
                      Love your website, lots of free advice and easy to download the books.
                      The information has help me to understand my parrot. Order for the diet on the way!
                      We are going to visit your showroom in the next few days,
                      my friend has recently got an African Grey baby from you and I cannot believe that a parrot can settle in
                      so quickly they all love him.
                      Can you confirm the full settup compizes of the baby parrot, large cage, carry box, diet pack,
                      harness, toys, nail perch, free insurance etc? 
                      Please ring me on ********** to confirm availability and opening times. Ben
                      Dear John & Jeanette, The baby African Grey we purchased from
                      you is stunningly beautiful and so tame and confident. He settled
                      in immediately and loves all the family including the dog. He took
                      to the harness, so easy to fit. Pepi as we called him has a great
                      appetite and loves the diet you sent with the full setup. Great value
                      and glad we bought a Parrotcare baby. J.P. 
                      Jeanette and John, Nice to talk to people who have time for their customers. Most
                      online shops don't even speak to their  customers they only want to take your money.
                      Keep the good work up. I'll be buying from you again soon. Robert Swan
                      Hi John, Quality cage and excellent selection of free toys, thank again, I will be
                      purchasing again soon. Kim
                      Hi our baby grey has settled in great and just starting to talk
                      will keep in touch
                      cheers mikey
                      Hello John, jasper loves the african grey cage and the latex toys, thanks cheryll
                      Just got the african grey stand, bird loves it, peter from blackpool
                      Hi John,
                      My arthur loves the food in the african pack, his feathers are looking much better,
                      will order from you again
                      Mrs Trewick
                      Hello parrotcare,
                      ordered a cage for my senegal yesterday and got it today
                      thanks for the great service
                      Purchased a baby African grey from you at the start of the month, just to let you
                      no he is coming on very well and we are over the moon with him.
                      Regards the Talbort family , Thirsk.
                      Hi John,
                      Just recieved my new cage, fatastic quality and service.
                      Mrs Wright, Skegness
                      To parrotcare staff,
                      Ordered my cage from you on
                      Monday at 2.00pm and it arrived
                      Tuesday 11.16am morning.
                      How good is that?
                      Jim S.
                      John, Thanks for the baby parrot.
                      We have called our Orangewing Amazon "Zoro".
                      You said he was saying "Hello" already and
                      you were right. We've added "love you" and he
                      is getting his tongue around it already.
                      Will keep you updated with his progress.
                      HB Portsmouth
                      Jeanette, Your years of experience really shows
                      through from the hands on information on your website
                      Mrs Watkins Bath
                      Being able to order products from you over the
                      phone is a big help to me as my computer literacy
                      is confined to my daughter doing the technical
                      stuff. Jayne (daughter) on behalf of my Mum Dot
                      J & J Wragg
                      Parrot joke : Do you know how to sell more Parrots?
                      Answer : Put them on "heigher perches" Excuse the 
                      pun, I thought it was funny. From someone who has already bought
                      three parrot babies and all perfect!
                      Thanks a bunch Nick Cambridge
                      Everybody at Parrotcare,
                      Just thought i would drop you a line to say how well my baby is settling in,
                      he just loves cuddles and has been a lovely addition to our family, the grand
                      kids love him.
                      Thankyou all very much.
                      The Poulter family in Portsmouth.
                      Cage arrived today, easy to assemble
                      and and love the free toys.
                      Never seen them before but bird loves them.
                      Cheers Maureen.
                      Hi John,
                      Just got our new family member home, hes so tame and a
                      credit to you and your family. Will e-mail some pics to you
                      later on.
                      Melanie & family
                      Just recieved my order, cage slightley larger
                      than i thought but thankyou for a great service
                      and nice to get some tips on parrot care which was
                      much appreciated.
                      Joan, oldham.
                      Great special offer cage, next day delivery.
                      Excellent service. Josh
                      Hi John,
                      We purchased a baby African grey and pack
                      from you last month. He is so tame and we
                      love him so much. Thankyou for all the time you
                      spent with us when we visited you and the advice
                      you gave us. Will be ordering from you as i will
                      need some more food soon.
                      All the best,
                      Lucy mcintyre
                      Hello Parrotcare,
                      Just got my cage today, pleased you helped me
                      with the choice as it is perfect for my little meyers.
                      He is having a great time and seems alot happier already
                      Regards Mrs Hill.
                      Thank you John
                      Your baby is am absolute darling, I'm soo pleased with him.
                      Straight away I can stroke him, not a nibble. Every one in
                      the family loves him, the difference between my  previous
                      12 wk old Amazon & your African baby is incredible, totally
                      different. He's soo tame, you have done a fantastic job
                      rearing him! & I would recommend your birds every time.

                      Thank you soo much for my wonderful boy, he's very

                      Warmest regards
                      Just recieved my new latex toys, look fantastic and really
                      different, Casper seemd to like them to!!!
                      Thanks, Melanie Coltis.
                      Hi John,
                      Put the African grey cage up, great quality and even better
                      price, my neighbour is going to get a new cage soon. How long
                      are you going to have the special offer on for?
                      Steve Mildrom, order on 1196.
                      Going away on holiday for week soon, can you send some
                      more calcivet as my parents are coming to stay and i would
                      like to have it for then.
                      Oscar (african grey)we have worked out he says
                      more that 62 different words, everybody who come to the house
                      cant believe what he can say. He answers the phone like us
                      and even tells the dog to sit and stay.
                      I will give you a ring with payment.
                      Cheers Stu
                      African grey cage just put up.
                      Superb value and quality.
                      First class service, Jeff
                      Hi John,
                      just thought i would let you no, our baby african grey we
                      got from you loves his new african grey stand. Its nice and
                      mobile so he can come in different rooms in the house.
                      Will be in touch soon to order our food pack.
                      Take care,
                      Love the African grey cage, my baby has settled into it no
                      problem at all. Thanks for the advice when choosing it, contacted
                      some other so called Parrot online shops before but most of them
                      didnt seem to know anything about cages(seems a little strange?).
                      Great to purchase from knowledgable helpfull people.
                      Thanks Anita
                      Hi John & Jeanette,
                      Our baby African grey said his first word today, not bad
                      considering he's only 5 months old. He is so tame and amazed he's
                      settled into our home life so well. I was concerned when we were making
                      a 9 hour round trip to purchase a parrot but as you assured me your
                      babies are so tame and friendly i was willing to take the
                      risk. Sometimes you get things right and i did this time.
                      We had been to local pet shops many times but they
                      would not tell us where the birds had come from hence
                      making me worried about there knowledge or
                      even if they knew anything about parrots at all. My advice to anyone about
                      purchasing a hand reared parrot is to buy one from a reputable breeder like parrotcare.
                      Superb service from a lovely caring family.
                      Best wishes,

                      Graham Mcardle, Watford



                      Just put up my African grey cage, great quality and superb price.

                      Love the free toys.

                      Regards Lisa Dodds, Morecombe.


                      Hi John,

                      Got the African grey stand although the courier lost it for 2 days,

                      Molly loves it and spends lots of time playing on it.



                      Hello Parrotcare,

                      My baby Amazon has settled in great, loves cuddles and being part of the family.

                      Max our great dane loves him and they get on fine. I was worried about

                      this relationship but they get on great.

                      Thankyou all for our great new member of the family.

                      The rose family.



                      Just put Jack into his new Castel cage, whopper off a cage and fantastic


                      Will buy from you again soon.

                      Kind regards Jason.


                      Just put my African grey special offer cage up, amazed at the quality

                      for the price.

                      Bargain, will buy from you again.

                      Mat, London.



                      recieved my delivery yesterday, very please with the african grey stand

                      thanks for a rapid and efficient service.

                      Mrs Gaird.


                      Hello everyone at Parrotcare,

                      Bongo our baby grey we got from you last month is fantastic, my daughter

                      has got him talking and he also is starting to make noises like the phone

                      ringing. Lovely bird,

                      Thanks very much, Bernard family in Ipswigh.


                      Just got my concrete perches and harness, seems to be fine with the

                      perches and i have managed to get the harness on him no problem at all.

                      Thought it might be difficult but as you said on the phone the instructions

                      made it easy to do.

                      Thanks again Joe.


                      From Mrs Knight in Windsor,

                      What a great service, ordered your African grey

                      cage with free toys.

                      The cage came the next day and Max is in it now

                      with his free toys which he has not stopped playing with.

                      Kind regards.


                      hi john just a quick update on Alfie our african grey we purchased
                       from you hes absolutly fabulous at just 5 months old now hes saying
                      Hellooo & Good Boyyyy i carnt beleive how quick he settled in and now
                      is our baby of the family thanks for introducing me to the wonderful
                      world of african greys never a dull moment at our house best wishes
                      D.Hames west yorkshire


                      Hi John,

                      Put the African grey special cage up, great buy.

                      Quality and size perfect.

                      First class.



                      African grey stand excellent, Jasper loves it.

                      Thanks, Mary Cannock.


                      Hi Parrotcare,

                      Just recieved the holiday travel cage, perfect for what we need.

                      Great size, evens fits on the front seat of the car so Ruby can

                      see whats going on.

                      Very good, Jen from Plymouth.


                      African grey cage we bought from you is superb, the quality is fantastic and

                      he loves sitting on the opening top all day whistling the laurel and hardy tune!



                      Hi John,

                      Thanks for all the advice on the phone,when we rescued him we did not know

                      his history but the things you told us has made him a much happier parrot.

                      Thankyou very much, Emily.

                      Hi All,

                      Just got hame after our long journey, the baby grey is fantastic. He starting

                      talking in the car,thankyou all for our lovely little chap.

                      Jake Mcdougall.


                      Hi John,
                      Arrived this mrg at 10!  Just finished putting it up!  A brillant cage!  Defiantly be purchasing off you again!  Thank you very much!


                      Dear John,

                      Received the order this morning, just a note to say how impressed I am with the service, will certainly be visiting your store again.
                      Best wishes,
                      Lesley Burness
                      pAUL sCOTT, PLYMOUTH.
                      Hi John,
                      Cage arrived safe and sound today, got Olly in it and now and he loves it,
                      Great advice and great service, there seems to be allot of online shops selling
                      cages now but do any of these people know anything about the needs of Parrots
                      or even ever seen one???
                      Thanks again,
                      Margaret Tolly.
                      dear john.  cage arrived on monday and as you said the cockateils are having a ball in
                      their new home. thanks again. jacqueline blanchard.


                      What service !!! ordered and delivered in just two days !! amazing.

                      Many thanks for a high quality product at an affordable price teamed with a first class service !!

                      Built in an hour - just need to accustom the parrot to it now !!

                      Kind regards

                      Mrs Sandra Hudson 



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