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                      African Grey/Amazon Chile Cage

                      £189.99 + FREE toys worth £20

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                      Aviator harness + free dvd
                      Aviator harness + free dvd Aviator harness + free dvd Aviator harness + free dvd Aviator harness + free dvd

                      Aviator harness + free dvd

                      The worlds most advanced Parrot harness!
                      Thinking outside the cage - the importance of flight.

                      Learning to fly well is the most complicated and important task a Parrot can learn. Your companion will be healthier, more active, fitter and more co-ordinated. Flying helps with everything from self-confidence and self-esteem to sociability and intelligence.

                      The Aviator Harness is:

                      * The Only Harness designed to allow flight - the self adjusting lead slides from the chest to the back as the bird climbs and turns. Lead is elasticated to prevent injury if the bird flies to the end of the lead.

                      * The Only Escape Proof Harness - one piece construction, no buckles or clips for the bird to undo or break, wrist loop to prevent dropping the lead

                      * The Only Easy Fitting Harness - just slide the harness over the birds head, lift each wing through the loop and tighten the belt.

                      * The Only Harness that comes with a FREE 40 minute instructional DVD telling you
                      How to easily fit and safely use the Aviator
                      How to train your bird to love the Aviator
                      How to teach old birds new tricks
                      The advantages of the optional Aviator Flight Line.
                      What positive personality changes to expect
                      Comes in 6 different sizes,
                      petite- cockatiels and small conures.
                      xsmall-senegals,quakers,caiques,ringnecks and med sized conures.
                      small-small cockatoos,most amazons,timney greys,jardinesa and pionus.
                      medium-african greys,eclectus,large amazons,umbrella cockatoos and med macaws.
                      large-blue and golds,military macaws,large cockatoos.
                      xlarge-green winged macaws,moloccan cockatoos.
                      Please use the drop down above for size required

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