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                        *May 2016* Special offer

                        African Grey/Amazon Chile Cage

                        £149.99 + FREE toys worth £20

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                        *May* Special offers


                        African grey/Amazon playgym


                        African grey table top stand


                          Our Price: £64.99
                        African grey food pack
                        African grey food pack African grey food pack

                        African grey food pack

                        The African grey pack is recommended by Parrotcare to give your bird everything they need for a happy and healthy life.

                        Food packs contain the following:

                        12.75kg parrot no1 (ideal for African greys, contains 48% sunflower seeds, meduim, small and white and dried fruits and nuts).

                        5lb kaytee specific pellets (coloured pellet designed specially for African greys).

                        100ml calcivet (a high quality liquid supplement that should be given to all African greys weekly).

                        100gm daily essentials 3 (contains multi-vitamin, rapsorb minerals and amino acids).

                        500gm palm nut extract (forms 80% of an African greys diet in the wild, your grey will love it).

                        Instructions for use:

                        Mix the no 1 and the kaytee with your own cut fruit and vegetables.

                        Put 3 drops of calcivet per bird onto the food twice weekly, sprinkle a small amount of daily essentials 3 onto the food twice weekly (as you would put pepper on your own food).

                        Spread the palm nut extract onto a small piece of toast everyday.

                        Please ring or e-mail for any further advice.


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                        *May 2016* Special Offer

                        African Grey/Amazon Haiti Cage

                        £139.99 + FREE toys worth £20

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                        *May 2016* Baby Grey Offer* 

                        * African grey baby *

                        * Travel cage *

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                        Parrotcare Book *Special offer*

                        Only £9.99

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